Racino Rocks takes place from Saturday, June 1st, 2024.

Racino Rocks is an open-air festival taking place at the Racino Ebreichsdorf grounds near Vienna.

You can find all confirmed bands on our website and the socials:

https://www.instagram.com/racinorocks/                        Instagram
https://www.facebook.com/RacinoRocks/                      Facebook
https://www.racino-music-summer.com/racinorocks/       Website

Tickets for Racino Rocks 2024 are available through our ticket partners Ticketmaster and OE-Ticket. we strongly advise you not to purchase tickets via dubious and questionable third-party providers. these tickets are often offered at inflated prices or are counterfeits.


you can find all the details about the ticket categories here. All ticket categories are limited and only available while stocks last.


  • General Admission
  • Golden Circle 1
  • Golden Circle 2
  • VIP Business Seats
  • Travel Packages


Racino Rocks offers barrier-free access, barrier-free toilets and parking spaces for wheelchair users. Tickets for wheelchair users and the severely disabled with carers are only available at the above ticket partners via phone.

ticketmaster you can reach ticketmaster customer service daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. by calling 0043 (0) 1 – 25 30 555.

oe-ticket you can reach oeticket customer service. they are available daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. via telephone on +43 1 96096 202 or via email at rollstuhlinfo@oeticket.com.travel information

Be the first ones at the festival and kick off the party with top Djs in our Partydome starting at 12pm!

After the concert, there will inevitably be delays in departure. To bridge the waiting times, we invite you to end the day with top DJs in our Partydome after the festival.


For a fee of €25 per vehicle, there is the option to arrive on Friday, May 31st, 2024, starting at 3:00 PM. The €25 fee is a service charge. On-site, there are sanitary facilities (in the form of portable toilets) and a selection of food and beverages. The parking area must be vacated by Sunday, June 2nd, 2024, at 12:00 PM. Access to the site is via the Ebreichsdorf West exit to the Racino premises. Please follow the designated signage.

This ticket is only valid in conjunction with a festival ticket for Racino Rocks.

The regular parking lot will be open on the event day, June 1, 2024, starting at 8:00 a.m. To access the parking lot before the specified time, an early-arrival parking ticket must be purchased.

Important: The early arrival parking lot can only be accessed until 08:00 AM on 01.06.2024!!!



Travel conveniently with the shuttle bus, boarding from Vienna Ernst-Happel-Stadion or Vienna Erdberg, and with direct drop-off at the Racino Rocks festival grounds!


Through our partner EBA busfinder, bus shuttles are offered from Vienna as well as 103 other stops in Styria, Carinthia, Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Salzburg, East Tyrol, and Burgenland. Find your route:


On-site bus parking is available south of the concert area, directly on Magna-Racino-Allee. Buses approaching via the A3 should use the Pottendorf exit and approach from the east via Ebreichsdorf and B210. No cars will be traveling on this route, ensuring the fastest possible arrival. Buses coming from the E59 can also approach from the west via B210, although heavy traffic can be expected in that direction.

To help us plan the bus parking spaces as efficiently as possible, external coach operators should register with us in advance. Additionally, suggested arrival and departure times should be provided during registration to ensure a smooth operation.

Registration at: events@busfinder.com


Travel environmentally friendly and free of charge to the festival. Each ticket entitles you to free use of the ÖBB and S-Bahn on the event day (for round trip travel) between the stations Vienna, Wiener Neustadt, and Ebreichsdorf.

Upon arrival at Ebreichsdorf station, a free shuttle bus will transport you to the venue and back to the station after the event. Please follow the signage at the stations and the instructions of the staff to ensure a stress-free journey directly to the festival grounds.

Attention: There are no designated pedestrian routes from Ebreichsdorf station to the event venue. Therefore, please refrain from attempting to reach the festival grounds and the station on foot for arrival and departure.


The racino site in ebreichsdorf is located on the southeast A3 motorway. from the north, we recommend taking the A3 to the “ebreichsdorf nord” exit, from the south the E59 and the “baden” exit via oberwaltersdorf as well as the A3 to the “ebreichsdorf west” exit. Please follow the instructions of the staff on site and the signposting so you can be directed to the designated areas as quickly as possible.
The regular parking lot will be open on the event day, June 1, 2024, starting at 8:00 a.m. To access the parking lot before the specified time, an early-arrival parking ticket must be purchased here (ticketmaster) or here (oe ticket).


If you are travelling by motorcycle, we recommend taking the „Ebreichsdorf West“ exit from both directions. The designated parking areas can then be accessed via the B210.


There will be a separate drop-off / pick-up area for you. An area south of the festival entrance is available for this purpose, which can be accessed at any time via magna-racino-allee from the south and exited again in the same way. In addition, the car parks can be used at any time for drop-off and pick-up.


Existing cycle paths can be used to get to the festival by bicycle. Separate bicycle parking spaces will be provided near the event site.


There are designated pedestrian paths from the parking lots to the festival grounds. Please adhere to the signage in this area.


Due to the increased visitor traffic, there will be longer wait times during departure. Spend your waiting time at the aftershow party in our Partydome and end the day with top DJs. A culinary offering is also provided.


Stay on the marked foot and vehicle paths to / from the festival site. Residents must not be hindered, endangered or harmed when going about their everyday lives.


  • camping and setting up pavilions and trailers, as well as overnight stays in green areas
  • alcohol consumption and noise, to the extent that others are unreasonably disturbed
  • polluting green areas and their facilities, especially by discarding or leaving objects

Please note: Camping in nature and in non-designated areas is illegal in Austria and will be reported to the authorities!

Our security arrangements consist of a number of measures and security-related procedures developed, agreed and implemented together with the police and the relevant security authorities. We have also shared ideas with other festivals and coordinated our approaches. however, we also need the help of all our festivalgoers! The better you stick to the rules and regulations, the quicker and more effective the checks at the entrances to the festival site will be. We therefore ask you to strictly follow our detailed security information. It is essential – and in your own interests – that you follow the instructions of the stewards and the police. You will recognise stewards by their colour-coded vests. They are also a point of contact for questions or problems!

Upon entering the festival grounds, all individuals will undergo a search (body check) for prohibited items. Information regarding permitted and prohibited items on the festival grounds will be provided here and in the house rules.


On the festival grounds, in addition to personal clothing, only belt bags or fanny packs, small handbags up to the size of A4, and clear backpacks (Clear Bags) up to a size of H44 x W37 x D30 cm are allowed for carrying permitted items.

There will be no exceptions to this!

Please understand that this measure is designed to protect everyone. This helps with the thorough entry checks and searches, as does attendees arriving on time at the entry to the festival site.


  1. Drawstring bags, clear bags up to a size of 44 x 37 x 30 cm
  2. Fanny packs, handbags, small backpacks smaller than A4
  3. Empty hydration packs (tap-water bags) up to 0.5 liters
  4. Pocket cameras, disposable cameras, Polaroid cameras
  5. Deodorant, perfume (including glass bottles)
  6. Power banks/portable chargers that fit in a regular pants pocket
  7. Batteries
  8. Crutches
  9. Wheelchair
  10. Shoes with metal caps
  11. Eye drops
  12. Insulin
  13. Water or cola for diabetics (with ID/certificate) (max. 0.5 liters per person)
  14. Medications including syringes
  15. Electronic cigarettes
  16. Liquids up to 125 ml
  17. Flower sticks
  18. Glow sticks
  19. Balloons
  20. Sunscreen
  21. Flags and posters (no discriminatory or provocative texts) up to A3
  22. Makeup mirrors
  23. Flashlights up to 15 cm
  24. Blankets, towels
  25. Handheld fans


  1. Bags and backpacks larger than A4
  2. Self-brought food and beverages
  3. PET or glass bottles
  4. Tetrapaks of all sizes
  5. Cans
  6. Glass (except for perfume)
  7. Reusable bottles (Tupperware, thermos flasks)
  8. Tupperware for food
  9. Foldable umbrellas, regular umbrellas
  10. Cameras with interchangeable lenses or a lens diameter of more than 4 cm
  11. GoPros
  12. Tablets
  13. Camcorders
  14. Audio recording devices
  15. Selfie sticks
  16. Posters/flags larger than A3
  17. Flagpoles
  18. Studded belts, large chains
  19. Bicycles, strollers
  20. Scooters, skateboards, hoverboards, mopeds, in-line skates
  21. Bulky items (ladders, suitcases, scooters, stools, chairs, etc.)
  22. Noise-making instruments of any kind
  23. Loudspeakers
  24. Helmets, masks
  25. Water guns, inflatable rubber animals
  26. Laser pointers
  27. Weapons (knives, firearms, blank guns, etc.)
  28. Slingshots
  29. Shishas
  30. Fireworks, sky lanterns, pyrotechnics
  31. Animals (except guide dogs and assistance dogs)
  32. Drones
  33. Drugs, illegal substances of any kind
  34. Hydration packs (all sizes)
  35. Safety vests

Texts, images and other materials with discriminatory, hateful, obscene, pornographic and/or racist content, or content indicative of a violation of third-party rights to the protection of personality.


Any behaviour that endangers other attendees – particularly “crowd surfing”, the “circle of death”, “pogo dancing” or setting off fireworks (including flares) – is strictly prohibited and will result in ejection from the event.

We ask for your heightened awareness and vigilance. if you notice anything suspicious, please contact the stewards or the police without delay.

We offer a variety of food and beverages at Racino Rocks. You are prohibited from bringing glass containers of any kind, canisters, glass bottles, cans, pet bottles and / or other drinking containers, your own groceries, food and / or drinks, hard packaging, cool bags or other heavy containers onto the event site.

Empty, collapsible drink bottles up to a volume of 0.5 litres are permitted. there are water taps in all sanitary facilities that can be used to fill up with drinking water. there are also additional drinking-water points on the festival site. You can use these to fill up your collapsible water bottles. No food or drinks may be brought onto the festival site.

The most recent version of the lower austrian youth protection act  applies.

In accordance with § 15 of the Lower Austrian Youth Protection Act, young people up to the age of 14 may attend the event unaccompanied until 11:00 p.m., thereafter only when accompanied by a parent or guardian. Young people over the age of 14 may attend the event unaccompanied by a parent or guardian until 1:00 a.m. until they reach the age of 16. There are no restrictions for persons over the age of 16.

Paramedics will be on duty on the festival site.

Please directly contact the medical service / security personnel on site or at the campsite administration points/ticket offices without delay, stating what help is required (accident, fire).

In an emergency, you must state the location number


Rescue                                                      144

Police                                                        133

fire brigade                                              122

Who is reporting the incident?           Name and Location

Where has it happened?                      Exact description oft he incident location

What has happened?                            Nature of emergency, number of casualities

Attending the concerts may pose a risk of potential hearing and health damage due to the volume levels. The use of ear protection is especially recommended near the stages. Ear protection is available at the information point.

Photography for private use is permitted. only pocket cameras and mobile phones with camera functionality are permitted on the site. cameras with interchangeable lenses are not allowed. Video cameras and audio recording devices of all kinds, such as tape recorders, mp3 recorders and dictation devices are also prohibited. Recordings of any kind are prohibited without explicit permission from the organiser / artist.

Animals are not permitted on site, with the expectation of guide and support dogs.

It is important that you take care of yourselves. Don’t forget to drink enough water to stay hydrated! Especially on hot days and with a lot of activity, your body loses fluids quickly.

There are free drinking water points at all sanitary facilities on the festival site. You can use these to fill up your collapsible water bottles.

Here are a few tips to stay hydrated:

  • Drink water regularly, even if you’re not thirsty.
  • Stay near the water stations on the festival grounds.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, as it further dehydrates your body.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle and refill it regularly.
  • Take good care of yourselves and enjoy the festival!

Your Festival Team

At Racino Rocks, a lightning protection zone will be set up on the festival site. It is as safe to remain outdoors during thunderstorms here as in a built-up area. Evacuating the festival site in the event of a thunderstorm is therefore unnecessary.

The lightning protection zone on the festival site is located in the entire viewing area between the stage and the back row of trees. If storms with a risk of lightning occur during the event, the audience will be asked by the event management to move to these zones or to remain in this zone. For your own safety, please keep at least 3 large steps (approx. 3 metres) away from trees, towers and other structures, and never touch metallic objects!
If a thunderstorm should occur during the nightly shuttle bus service after the end of the event, the event management will ask people at the bus station to return to the viewing area or the lightning-protected area between the stage and the last row of trees.


  • Avoid the highest point at the site!
  • Find a hollow in the ground and squat in it with your feet together.
  • Keep your feet and legs together.
  • Stay at least 10 metres away from trees
  • Keep a safe distance of at least 1 metre from other people

We have ensured that all areas of the grounds, including food stalls and toilets, are easily accessible for people with limited mobility. The terrain is a mix of grass and asphalt surfaces. While the asphalted areas provide a firm and stable ground, the grass can become softer and more difficult to navigate depending on the weather. Special parking spaces are available in close proximity to the festival grounds. Their location is shown on the site map. These parking spaces are clearly marked and exclusively for people with disabilities who possess a permit according to § 29b StVO and drive a vehicle themselves, allowing them to park without time restrictions in short-term parking zones. In any case, the car must be properly marked (permit behind the windshield). We strive to create the best conditions for an enjoyable festival visit.
If you have any further questions or special needs, please contact us in advance so we can best meet your requirements: info@racino-music-summer.com

Should you realize after the festival that you have lost something, please contact us via email at info@racino-music-summer.com . Provide as many details as possible in your email (description of the item, time and place of the loss) so that we can assist you in the best possible way.